Argenta Walther is a dedicated singer and voice teacher of music from the sacred medieval to the modern experimental, living and working in Los Angeles. She performs on a regular basis at some of the city's best-loved venues, including the blue whale, REDCAT, Automata, Saint John's Cathedral and the Museum of Jurassic Technology. Argenta is a frequent guest artist with modern classical, jazz, traditional classical and early music groups including Bach Collegium San Diego, People Inside Electronics, The Alexander Noice Sextet and Southland Ensemble.  She is a founder of the contemporary vocal group Accordant Commons, and is one of the directing members of Ensemble Vocatrix, a group dedicated to the music of Hildegard von Bingen. 

Argenta is a student of somatic movement and expression and integrates this embodied approach with her work as a music educator and performing artist.  She is also learning to perform Playback Theater and wants to try stand-up comedy.


Ongoing Projects-

Accordant Commons (Co-founder)- new vocal chamber music

Ensemble Vocatrix- medieval music performance troupe

Alexander Noice Sextet-avant-prog-jazz-minimalism

Angelhead (Co-founder)- medieval garageband