One year later...

Greetings, Earthlings and internet trolls!

I'm glad to be doing a nice amount of performances in the next few months, and then some somatic training this summer.  Unlocking some secrets, from the bunker in Altadena. 



Heyo, internet!

It's been an exciting year so far, as I settle into my teaching work and set music projects in motion.  I've also been lucky to spend time in Somatic workshops with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen which has gently altered my perceptions of everything that has been unfolding in my life.  Whatever works, I tell you!  I don't yet have the words, but here's a song about it...


Hello out there!

I'm excited to be back on the web after a bit of an absence.  This summer is turning out to be great, with a fun mixture of working on performing (Ojai Festival, Early Music Vancouver), and teaching (Kodály Course, Level I).  It is exciting planning for next season, also, with a handful of Accordant Commons concerts and other fun gigs rolling in.   Stay tuned for THE INNER SANCTUM, a podcast made with my best friends!